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I bought to my son for a while a Lego train with two wagons and railways. The are a couple of railways pieces that can be coupled to form a sort of 8 or something else if you want. The train had on top a button to start/stop. He goes with the constant speed for a while and stops, because of some odometer-sensor at wheel that measure a certain distance. Also the train had two type of sounds: brakes and fuel feed. What can I do for my son to have more fun playing? Well, I modified the locomotive with a microcontroller to add some features:

  • IR-remote
  • light white front (LED)
  • light red back (LED)
  • variable speed controlled with a motor driver


I used the following components:
  • SFH5110-36 – IR receiver
  • 3 LED red, white, yellow
  • 2 voltage regulators to LM317, L7805 to 6,5V and 5 respectively
  • a microcontroller Atmega8
  • a motor driver L293D
  • some capacitors, resistors
  • an universal TV-IR-Remote that knows RC5

You can download the schematic in format ExpressSCH form here or in download section. Now you can see in action the modified toy.

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