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My son had a defect toy, a sort of SUV-car with remote. So first of all I removed the plastic car over the chassis. Then I checked if the drive and steering motors are still working.
They did but I was not afraid with the steering motor, so I buyed a servo-motor (controlled with PWM-signal) and thrown away the cheap one. Next I prepared the board to controll the DC motors. Now I'm working allready at the version 2.0 of the board:

It is a selfmade PCB where the microcontroller, bluetooth and motors driver are mounted into sockets.
That can be convenient if later I want to use the bluetooth in other projects for example to controll
my coffe machine with my cellphone :)

As CPU-board I used a development board Teensy2.0++ with Atmel microcontroller. The bluetooth module is a BCA8-BTM-A.

The motor driver is a Toshiba driver, TB6612FNG.

When the hardware was ready I wrote a program for the Teensy to control the PWM-singals for steering and driving motor. I wanted to controll the toy with my Android cellphone over the blutooth. How can I
achieve that? Well, I started with the bluetooth chat example from Android SDK.
I used the orientation sensors of the cellphone to send over the blutooth the left/right angle and the power in percent of the drive motor.

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