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Rover Robot

I make some experiments with platform of Rover 5. I choose the cheaper variant wih 2 motors. The nice thing of this platform is that the gear motors have quadrature encoders (4 phases, quadro). The encoders give a certain number of pulses pro motor revolution. So you can know every time which distance was covered and differentiating also the momentan speed pro wheel. This allows to control the rotational speed of each wheel and the robot will drive on a stright line. Or you can do a small draw robot which draws some geometrical figures on a big paper.


I'd like to give some intelligence to the robot to avoid the obstacles. So I put an ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance to obstacles in front of the robot. I mounted the ultrasonic sensor to a tilt/pan system with 2 motors (~12 Euros). That the horizonthal plane can the sensor explore a biggest area.

You can see here my test robot how it avoids the obstacles:


I used a Teensy2.0++ board with a dual motor driver Toshiba TB6612FNG. The wheel encoder sigals were read from 2 interrupt pins. Also the Teensy board controls the 2 gear motors (PWM) ans the 2 servos for tilt/pan.

As a new test I put also an Arduino Uno with an USB shield and a bluetooth dongle. There are some wiimote libraries for Arduino and USB-Shiel that implementa the Wiimote protocol. That a connect with through serial the Arduino and Teensy board, so I was able to control the robot movement with a Wiimote.

See here:

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