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MPU6050 6DOF Accelerometer/Gyroscope

I tested a MPU6050 Brakeout from SparkFun with an Arduino uno, wich has an Atmega328P microcontroller. The MPU6050 is an accelerometer/gyroscope sensor with an I2C interface. So the connection with Arduino is quite simple an is shown in the figure created with Fritzing below:

With Processing I visualized the serial data from sensors. Processing is a scripting tool which allows to visualize data very quickly. I adapted a script to display the raw sesor data and the filtered pitch angle given by sensors. The angle was calculated by sensor fusion through a Kalman filter. The Kalman filter library for Arduino can be found here.

The Processing output of filtered pitch angle can be shown here:

The yellow lowest graph is the Kalman filtered angle. The Processing script I done is here.

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