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Connect a GPS TTL module with Arduino Uno

I make a small test connecting a TTL GPS receiver from NAVILOCK (NL-652ETTL). This can be interesting for hobbiests having a RC helicopter or multirotor in order to control the flight.

In this case the helicopter can follow a defined route of geografical coordinates.

The connection to Arduino Uno is very easy though the connector for Navilock has pretty confusing colors, one wire black and 4 red!

The balck one is the +5V power supply! That's amazing. In the following image I will show you which wires are important (1 +5V, 2 GND, 4 Tx):

NL-652ETTL connector

NL-652ETTL connector

Only 3 wires are used as I showed in the figure above. Connect the +5V and GND to Arduino Uno pins 5V and GND. The Tx from GPS shall be connected to am Arduino pin with interrupt e.G. pin 10. How you can see how the GPS string are recevied.

I wrote a simple sketch to test the recevied NMEA sentences from GPS.

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