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How to import emails to Outlook from Thunderbird

Recently, I decided to say good by to Thunderbird. In the last time I get unexpected crashes (maybe because of my system AMD64 bit) and I think this program is not reliable to keep my emails. Moreover I buyed the MS Office Prfessional 2010 and has the Outlook included.

Now the problem is how to import all my Thuderbird email without loosing the attachments into Outlook? I search log on Google an I found in this Blog an easy solution.

It worked for me and I want to present you a little bit more detailed.

Thuderbird -> hMailServer -> Outlook

The trick is to install an IMAP server (hMailServer) locally on your PC, define a dummy email account on hMAilSever. Than you can define the same dummy acount in both Thunderbird and Outlook.

From Thunderbird the eimals are dragged in the dummy account and further in the Outlook inthe same time read.

The steps I can summirize like this:
1. Install the hMailServer
2. Configure locally the hMailServer
3. Create the same dummy account on Thunderbird and outlook
4. Import your emails from Thunderbird through hMailServer into Outlook

You can follow these steps in the following images:

Configure hMailServer

Configure hMailServer

SMTP Settings hMailServer

SMTP Settings hMailServer


Thunderbird "dummy" account


Thunderbird "dummy" account settings


Outlook "dummy" account

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