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HC-05 Bluetooth

Recently I buyed a Bluetooth TTL module for my Arduino projects. I was not albe to send the AT commands to the module. On the net I didn't find to much information how to do this. So I'll try to explain how to get the AT-Mode of such BT-Modules.

In the image below the connection of the module with Arduino Uno is described:

Basicly we connect the pins as follows:

Arduino UNO <-> HC-05
Pin 10 <-> TXD
Pin 11 <-> RXD
3.3V <-> 3.3
Pin 4 <-> KEY

You need to upload my sketch I wrote to set the AT-mode of the HC-05. The AT commands supported by the HC-05 module you can find here.

A litte demonstration of setting the AT-mode is shown here:

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