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Setup a Gibson Les Paul

I would like to share to the guitar fans some information how Gibson recommand the set-up of the Les Paul guitar:


Neck Relief (Halskrümmung):

Strings E,e: press the strings on 1st and 15th fret and tap the string to the 7th fret. There must be a small space between string and fret no thicker than a piece of paper


Action (Saitenlage):

1st fret, strings B, e – 1/64” (0,39 mm)

1st fret, strings D, G – 1.5/64” (0,59 mm)

1st fret, strings A, E – 2/64” (0,79 mm)

12th fret, string e – 3/64” (1,19 mm)

12th fret, string E – 5/64” (1,98 mm)


Pickups (Tonabnehmer):

E string 22th fret – bridge pickup 3/64” (1,19mm), neck pickup 4/32” (3,17 mm)

e string 22th fret – bridge pickup 3/32” (2,38mm), neck pickup 3/32” (2,38 mm)

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