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Information panel with MagicMirror2




I wanted an information panel in the living room. I searched in the Net and I found a nice open source project called Magic Mirror 2.


My panel is build with a Raspberry Pi 3 B board, a 24'' old monitor and some cables. The Rpi 3 has a built-in Wifi chip so the MagicMirror updates the data over my home network.

Some modules I write myself to match my preferences, but 95% is the MagicMirror2. The MagicMirror2 is a modular software written in Node.js .


A challange was to connect my info panel with speech commands. I used for that Amazon Echo and the Amazon Web Services (AWS). It works ok. I described below how to connect your Rpi with Alexa. I used it for speech commands to Google search over AWS an put the results on my info panel. If you have an Echo device you can use it to command your Rpi as Home Automation unit.


The Wifi of the RPi3 and my router have problems together or maybe is a bug in Raspbian Jessy dhcp client. Anyway sometimes the WLAN stops to work and the RPi . The solution was to make an entry launching a script in crontab every 5 minutes. Inthis script can be checkt if the WLAN connection is still alive (e.G. pinging your gateway). If not, the Wifi interface is set down and after that up. AI didn't check if with statical Ip address is happened in the same way.

To be continued...

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